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Bradshaw Law LLC Testimonials

I would recommend the Bradshaw Law Office to anyone. Their office is very reliable and very professional. They get results.

- Mike – Oct 11-2021

Denise represented my Acquired Brain Injury case resulting from a U.S. motor vehicle accident. Since day 1, she never waivered in her commitment to ensuring I was fairly and thoroughly represented. In addition to her impressive depth of knowledge and experience, she offered me a level of empathy and responsiveness – allowing me to effectively manage my journey to recovery. Quite honestly, she set the bar for how accident victims should be treated when engaging with the legal system.

What to expect when enlisting Denise’s services …

  1. High and Consistent Level of Responsiveness. Denise regularly provides case updates and check-ins. This is the norm.  I never felt I was in the dark about my case or about the plan for moving forward. When you have a question or concern, Denise personally responds within the hour; at maximum. When she is unable to immediately respond (due to attendance in court), she still manages to respond the same day. Her staff offers the same level of responsiveness.
  2. Consistently Demonstrates Empathy. Denise was all about building a trusting relationship from the start. She was able to connect with me at the level needed to get me through this journey. Given her expertise with Acquired Brain Injuries, she understood my emotional and recovery journey. This allowed her to share information in a manner that I could digest (and with the utmost patience), while also guiding me on how best to manage my emotions while on this journey.  She gets it!
  3. Continuously Focuses on Results. Denise explored all avenues and left no stone unturned. She invested her time anticipating next steps and actively prepared for my case. She was ALWAYS 10 steps ahead … ALWAYS. There is an energy in how she takes on her work; focused, determined, committed, and a love for the work she does. This is a true testament to her commitment to getting me the best possible solution and the reason why I am very grateful and satisfied with the settlement I received.

The recovery and legal journey was a long, challenging and painful process for me – I experienced moments of confusion, helplessness, fear and uncertainty. In these moments, it was Denise’s counsel I relied on because at the end of the day, I TRUSTED DENISE. This is what I witnessed having hired Denise to represent my case. The fact that she consistently demonstrated these behaviors tells me this is who and what you will experience, should you hire her to represent your case.

I long for the day where Denise becomes the hybrid lawyer; specializes in all things legal, and operates in  Canada.  She’d be my trusted advisor.

- Josie, Canada, Ontario – Oct 8-2021

Denise is one of the finest attorneys I have met. She has a great knowledge of the law, has incredible writing skills, and is able to understand the legal issues presented.  On top of this she is compassionate and caring about her client’s needs and concerns.  I highly recommend Bradshaw Law for any legal matter.

- David – Sep 8-2021

My wife and I were involved in an auto accident in late 2017. This resulted in both of us being air lifted to a hospital in Boise, Idaho for emergency care.

In a roundabout way I became aware of Denise Bradshaw and her law firm located in Elko, Nevada. It was a fortunate leap of faith that I contacted her for help in this situation; being away from home and recovering the next five months in Boise.

I could not have made a better choice. Being in the hospital and recovering out of town, I found her and her staff to be interested in my predicament and to be honest with me and supportive. I literally placed my faith in her and her staff to help us through this situation. She is a straight talker and her integrity is beyond reproach. I was able to work with her office through mail, email, and personal telephone calls, and my wife and I felt relieved and confident she was in our corner during our recovery.

After finally getting back home, she continued to work our case, keeping in touch throughout the whole process until the case was resolved.

The best part of all, my wife and I recovered. A huge part of that recovery was knowing Denise and her staff, Lisa, Kathy, and Lynette were there for us. They were all genuinely concerned for our welfare.

I highly recommend them to anyone else who feels they need competent and caring legal assistance. Thank you all again.

- Anonymous 22-2018

I could not recommend Ms. Bradshaw any higher. She took the time to listen to me and was very responsive. Excellent results.

- Anonymous 12-2017