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How to Avoid Highway Hypnosis

How to Avoid Highway Hypnosis

Falling asleep behind the wheel, which often begins with highway hypnosis, can lead to tragic consequences. Drivers can avoid highway hypnosis by getting plenty of rest before their trips, keeping their car cold, maintaining good posture, and starting their trips earlier in the day.

What Is Highway Hypnosis?

Drivers often experience fatigue while driving, particularly after a long day at work or after spending long periods of time behind the wheel. This fatigue, also known as highway hypnosis, frequently results in car or truck accidents, which could result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Steps for Avoiding Highway Hypnosis

To prevent highway hypnosis, drivers can take various steps to stay alert while on the road.

Getting Plenty of Sleep

The best way to avoid fatigue behind the wheel is to get ample rest. If a driver is well-rested before getting into his or her vehicle, he or she will be more alert and less prone to highway hypnosis at any point during their trip.

Keeping a Straight Posture While Driving

The driver’s sitting position will also impact performance while driving. Slouching can lead to fatigue and make it harder for the driver to stay awake and fully alert. Sitting straight can help keep the driver attentive and keep him or her from experiencing highway hypnosis.

Avoiding Warming Up the Car Too Much

On cold mornings, drivers may be tempted to turn up the heating and make the car comfortably toasty, but this can also contribute to highway hypnosis. During the summer, drivers should use their AC or open their windows when possible, which can keep the car cooler without compromising comfort.

Driving Earlier in the Day

Another way to prevent highway hypnosis is to start driving early in the morning. For example, if a driver is planning on taking a road trip, it’s best to start it in the morning as opposed to the afternoon or evening hours when drivers are less alert. Otherwise, starting a trip too late in the day could lead to tiredness and a subsequent car accident.

Taking all of these steps could help prevent highway hypnosis from negatively impacting a driver’s performance and getting into an accident. If a driver is feeling tired or less alert than normal, it’s best to avoid getting behind the wheel.