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Recent Truck Crashes on Route 766 Near Elko: Wake Up Call to Motorists

Recent Truck Crashes on Route 766 Near Elko: Wake Up Call to Motorists

A recent accident on a rural highway near Elko has brought attention to a dangerous stretch of road and the need for motorists to exercise extreme care when traveling in such areas. The collision occurred on an area of Route 766 that passes through a canyon. Navigating the area’s steep hills, blind curves, low shoulders and winding roads presents challenges that may increase the risk of crashes.

Ore Truck-Mine Bus Accident Highlights Dangerous Stretch of Highway

An unsafe stretch of Route 766 near Elko was the site of a fatal collision recently involving a tractor-trailer hauling ore and a bus transporting miners to work in the area’s gold mines. According to an Elko Daily report, the ore truck crossed the center line, colliding head-on with the bus. One passenger from the bus was killed in the wreck, five passengers remain hospitalized in serious condition, and 15 other passengers received treatment for their injuries. The driver of the tractor-trailer was also killed.

The collision involving the ore truck and the mine bus is just the most recent in a string of wrecks in the area lately; further drawing attention to the dangers of traveling on mountainous or otherwise curvy roads. The unique challenges of handling vehicles on such roads may increase the risk of drivers losing control of their vehicles.

NDOT Safety Measures

The Nevada Department of Transportation has had existing safety measures in place along the stretch of State Route 766 where the most recent trucking accident occurred. Rumble strips line the centerline and the roadway’s outer edge all along the route to alert motorists when their vehicles drift out of their lanes, so they can make the necessary corrections to avoid a serious collision. Further, the NDOT has flashing signage posted advising trucks to reduce their speeds from the posted limit of 60 mph to 45 mph around the curve.  

What Can Drivers Do to Stay Safe?

Although not all collisions on the curvy roads and mountain passes near Elko are preventable, taking certain precautions may help motorists stay safe. The steps drivers can take to help avoid crashing when traveling in mountainous areas or otherwise on winding roads include:

  • Avoiding distractions
  • Staying centered in the lane
  • Scanning ahead
  • Slowing down when approaching curves

Following the posted advisory speed limits is also essential for staying safe on mountainous and curvy roads.