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Paragard IUD Injuries? Money Damages May Be Available

The Paragard intrauterine birth control device (IUD) is linked to a number of complications, including a serious brain injury called pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), leaving many women open to filing a personal injury claim. With the help of a personal injury attorney, these women, and their families can get compensation to cover medical care and other needs due to this condition.

What Is the Paragard IUD?

The Paragard IUD is a t-shaped device that is placed in the uterus. It contains no hormones but releases copper into the uterus. This creates an inflammatory reaction that prevents the sperm from reaching the egg. It is placed in the uterus by a doctor and left in place for up to 10 years. For women who wish for non-hormonal birth control, it is often recommended by their doctors. Unfortunately, doctors may not sufficiently warn about the injuries linked to this device, leaving many women in need of the help of a personal injury attorney.

What Are the Symptoms of PTC?

Many women are able to use the Paragard IUD without issue, but some suffer from PTC. This condition causes symptoms similar to a brain tumor, but without a tumor being present. Symptoms like severe headaches, vision problems, ear ringing, light flashes, blindness, and nausea, can be life-altering.

PTC occurs when cerebrospinal fluid builds up around the brain. This causes pressure on the brain, which allows the optic nerve to swell and impact the vision. This is a serious condition that requires costly care to fix, which is why many women choose to seek the help of a personal injury attorney to hold the manufacturer accountable or file suit for medical malpractice.

Who Is Liable for Paragard IUD Injuries?

Determining liability for brain injuries due to the Paragard IUD requires the help of a personal injury attorney. Many factors must be considered, including why this form of contraception was used and whether or not the doctor failed to communicate the risks. Legal teams will also look at whether or not the device was defective.

Types of Compensation

Women who are injured by the Paragard IUD can seek compensation for a number of things with the help of a personal injury attorney. Medical expenses and pain and suffering are common. A personal injury attorney may also seek recovery for loss of wages. If the injury impacted the spousal relationship, loss of consortium recoveries are also possible.