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What Caused Your Tire Blowout?

Tire blowouts often result from manufacturing defects, low tire pressure, improper installation, faulty road maintenance and debris on the road. The NHTSA reports that 9 percent of all total crashes reported in 2016 were tire-related. Many of the accidents result in serious injuries and even deaths. In some instances, the driver of a vehicle that blew a tire can be at fault and in others, the tire manufacturer, the mechanic, and others could be held liable.

Tire blowouts are most often the result of defective, damaged or underinflated tires, improper mounting or an overloaded vehicle. Tire damage can also be caused by puncture or impact and may be immediate or delayed. Faulty road maintenance, debris on the road, neglected maintenance, over inflation, excessive tire wear, and poor repairs are aspects that can contribute to a tire blowout. Many causes of tire blowouts are entirely preventable. Sadly, motorists and drivers do not always spend the needed time and resources to ensure the safe driving conditions of their vehicles. This negligence can be deadly.

Manufacturing Defects

Faulty tire design is a leading cause of tire blowouts. If a manufacturer makes tires from a substandard material it could put the driver at risk. Other tire defects caused by manufacturer negligence include:

  • Overheating- Insufficient testing prior to release and blisters between tire plies can cause tread separation.
  • Subpar skim stock and poor-quality solvents- Solvents and the layer between the tire plies must be formulated in a way that prevents separation.
  • A broken connection between belt ply and tread- Causes a bulge along the tread which can tear open
  • Compound imbalance/impurities- Dirt or moisture during manufacturing can compromise the rubber compound and can result in tears and blowouts.
  • Inadequate final inspection.

Installation of tires not designed for a specific vehicle type could also create conditions for a dangerous tire blowout and accident. Additionally, low air pressure can cause tire blowouts and while every driver has the responsibility to monitor tire pressure, the automatic warning lights may fail and the vehicle manufacturer may be held liable to some extent for the resultant accident. The two biggest issues that come up in tire blowout cases include the number of miles the tire was driven before it blew and the age of the tire.