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Why Injuries Spike Near Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the United States’ most dangerously celebrated events, recording the highest number of injuries and casualties. Accidents like burns and cuts are common, but those triggered by other parties’ negligence, such as food poisoning, car accidents, and falls, could warrant compensation from the affected parties.

What Causes the Rise In Injuries During Thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, there is a spike in grocery store visits, use of public transport, and demand for ready-made food. The increase in travel and the rush by many companies to meet the high consumer demand can put a consumer’s safety at risk.

The increase in travel and use of public transportation subsequently increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, as a result of the holiday festivities, many individuals drink to high levels of intoxication. When combined with high rates of travel, this leads to an increase in DUI-related accidents.

Motivated by the desire to cook adventurous and delicious meals while celebrating with family during Thanksgiving, many people frequent grocery and retail stores. The increase in buying contributes to overcrowding in supermarkets. This influences an increase in the risk of accidents as a result of poor housekeeping, unattended spills, poorly lighted stores, or uneven/ poorly maintained floors.

Many restaurants serve fresh and well-cooked meals, but the increase in demand during holiday celebrations may alter normal food preparation routines. irresponsibly cooked food is likely to cause food poisoning, resulting in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or stomachache. Many of these symptoms range in severity, and in some cases could demand a medical specialist’s attention.

Seeking Legal Justice for Accidental Thanksgiving Injuries

It’s an individual’s right to be protected against harm, such as accidents due to poor retail store maintenance, car accidents, and food poisoning. Companies have a responsibility to ensure the services and products delivered to customers are safe. People who acquire injuries as a result of other’s negligence have the right to recover compensation. 

Companies that fail to own up to the obligation of upholding high safety standards risk exposing customers to avoidable accidents and injuries. In the event of a personal injury incident, such companies could be held accountable for their negligence.